A Letter of Support from Carolyn McCarthy, President
Simplura Health Group, MA

“Actions speak louder than words.” Abraham Lincoln

A quote I heard regularly growing up. The meaning of this quote is quite simple. We all know, that if we see something that needs to change, it’s better to do something rather than just talking about the problem. There is no value in words without action.

As the President of Simplura Health Group, MA, (Multicultural Home Care, Independence Health Care and Freedom Home Care), I believe supporting our caregivers and other dedicated team members, is the most important part of my job. This support includes being an active participant in the fight against racism, inequality and injustice for people of color. I am committed to using my voice, as a white woman and as the President of the Massachusetts Market, to keep raising awareness, educating others and driving toward change.

An important step in the fight against racism and inequality, is a willingness to open our minds and our hearts. Actively listen to the stories and experiences being shared by colleagues, friends and strangers about their journey as a person of color. Initiate and participate in conversations about topics which may make us uncomfortable. Topics such as:

  • What it is like to grow up black or as a person of color.
  • What white privilege means and how it plays out in everyday life.
  • How our words and actions and beliefs, may be contributing to keeping racism alive.
  • How as individuals, each of us may contribute in a positive way to the fight against racism and discrimination.

Leading by example is something that society has cherished for centuries. As the President of Simplura, MA, I take this responsibility very seriously. We must work together and actively as a team to fight racism, inequality and injustice.

As was stated so well by the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Racism is a socially transmitted disease passed down through generations.” I am passionate about doing my part and providing the leadership needed within the agency and role modeling personally to fight this disease. For positive change to occur, we must learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Thank you for all you do.

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