Choosing a home health care agency is an important decision; you are inviting that agency to be a guest in your home on a regular basis. It’s natural to have a lot of questions while you are making the decision about which Home Health Care Agency to choose.

CareGivers America believes in not only saying we’re the best but proving it. We know that quality is not simply something that’s stated but rather something that’s earned through dedication and commitment.

Why and How We Stand Out:

  • We Serve All Patient Populations: Services are available for patients of all ages and levels of care.
  • Full Range of Services: Our team provides a full range of services from non-skilled home care to skilled home health services, including CareGivers, Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Care Coordinators, Patient Services Liaisons, educators, and healthcare administrators. We also have house cleaning services, handyman/home modification services, pill fill services, and other ancillary benefits to help you stay at home.
  • Minimum One Hour Appointments: Offering at-home CareGiver appointment times as low as one hour.
  • Bi-Lingual Services: Our office staff speak English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Creole, Twi, and Arabic. Field staff speak additional languages upon request.
  • Nurse Oversight: No cost in-home RN assessments are conducted regularly with our patients to ensure the highest quality of living through appropriate support services.
  • Large PA Coverage Area: We have 21 field offices in Pennsylvania covering 30+ PA counties.
  • Local Leadership: Our offices are staffed with leaders who reside in the communities they serve. When you call our office, you will be speaking to someone close to home who knows your area.
  • 24/7 Support: A 24/7 operations and on-call system to support our patients at all hours, the weekend, and holidays.
  • Extensive Training for Staff: A commitment to providing the best possible training to our CareGivers, whether they’re a professional aide, a family member, nurse, or therapist.
  • Extensive Staff Screening: Extensive initial and ongoing staff screenings beyond what is required by regulation, including drug testing and additional background checks.
  • Quality Services: A commitment to quality assurance, including a transparent critical incident reporting policy and a patient experience (complaints and satisfaction) program.
  • Electronic Timesheets: CareGivers America was an early adopter of an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. Our administration team have been collecting timesheets via a telephone system since 2004, ensuring timely payments to caregivers and appropriate capturing of time in and time out for patients and families.
  • Industry Leaders: CareGivers America has representatives in key leadership roles throughout the industry. We are members of the Pennsylvania Homecare Association (PHA) and the Pennsylvania Providers Coalition Association (PA-PCA), where several of our senior leadership sit as Board Members and Committee Chairs.
  • Strong Financial Support: CareGivers America is a part of the Simplura Health Group, which has operations in 5 states and more than 60 years of experience in the home health care field. This relationship ensures strong financial support so that CareGivers America can continue to invest in improvements and industry innovation.
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